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Make tax time a little simpler.

Guiding Organizations Across Industries with Complete Tax Planning and Preparation Solutions Qualified Tax Professionals, Accurate Information

Tax rules are amended every year. Trydent Advisors helps you keep up. We cover three essential bases that lessen the mayhem you’re left with: (1) tax planning to offset grueling costs, (2) tax preparation for maximum return, and (3) IRS representation to deal with audits.  


Our enrolled agents assess tax laws, streamline annual filing, and analyze overall financial situations. Simple to talk to and comforting to have in your corner, Trydent Advisors powers you through the tax world as it changes.


Our licensed professionals offer more than 15 years of experience in providing high-quality tax services that have helped individuals and businesses protect their assets and create tax strategies year-round. Generating substantial revenue and staying organized can be achieved.


Trydent Advisors is a merged team of qualified accountants, enrolled agents, and financial experts.

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Get your tax returns professionally prepared and filed at Trydent Advisors for the most tax-efficient outcome. Our licensed experts assess your best options for exemptions, dependents, and deductions. Get the most money back or avoid unnecessary tax penalties with our service.

You have tax preparation goals; we have solutions:
  • Annual Federal and State Filings (e.g., 1120, 1120S, 1065)

  • Monthly or Quarterly Sales Tax Filings

  • Annual Tangible Personal Property Tax Filings

  • IRS Elections (e.g., S Corp, 501c3)

  • Amendments

  • Personal Filings

  • Annual Federal

  • State Filings



What you do at the beginning of the year and throughout directly impacts the taxes you pay or the refund you get. Consequently, it is essential to stay informed. Doing so lets you gain knowledge, learn about tax breaks, and remain confident throughout your dealings.  


When it comes to planning, Trydent Advisors analyzes and organizes your financial situation to ensure all elements work together to your benefit. Following this, we suggest a strategy. We proficiently help you plan the best ways to handle your taxes and IRS matters. We have solutions for ensuring you save as much as possible.

Offsetting Future Costs With the Most Tax-Efficient Results



No one wants to deal with an audit from the Internal Revenue Service. It can be nerve-wracking, and you may not know what to do next. If your number comes up, you can be supported by Trydent Advisors.


We help you understand how the IRS works and the rules it administers. You don’t have to be the tax expert; we’ll look into the tax laws, collect all the needed information, and speak with the tax authorities to solve issues.

We address various concerns, including:
  • What to do if you owe back taxes

  • What to do if you are behind in filing tax forms/returns

  • Appealing when you disagree with a decision

  • Tax codes

  • Removing liens

  • Amending tax forms

  • Knowing your rights as a taxpayer

Thus, do not worry too much; our enrolled agents and business consultants will help protect your assets and reduce tax penalties.


*Trydent Advisors’ representatives are not attorneys.      

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Christina Lynch

Chief Executive Officer

Christina Lynch has over thirteen years of experience with small businesses and entrepreneurs. She has worked in and with businesses in a wide range of industries including information technology, public relations, high tech start-ups, media broadcasting, construction, beauty, insurance, non-profit organizations, and religious institutions.

Her passion is assisting and elevating small businesses through her expertise in accounting, human resources, and risk management. Christina received her Master’s degree in Human Resources and Employment Relations from Penn State University, and her Bachelor's degrees in Accounting, Finance, and HumanResource Management from Florida State University.

She prides herself on the flexibility and non-judgmental approach she has with her clients and business partners. She can bring calm to a chaotic situation and order when things are getting out of hand. This has led to countless improvements in clients’ administrative operations, bookkeeping practices, and training. Besides serving as the managing owner of Trydent Consulting, she is also the founder of The Ginger Tea Company and Green Folk Herbs, a Business Consultant with the Small Business Development Center at FAMU, Founding Co-Coordinator of Herbalists Without Borders of the Big Bend, and a board member of Red Hills Small Farm Alliance.

Services Offered
  • Tax Planning

  • Tax Preparation

  • IRS Representation

  • Bookkeeping

  • Financial Statement Preparation

  • Risk Management Solutions

  • Policy & Procedure

  • Training Documentation

Speaking Topics
  • Tax Planning

  • Tax Preparation

  • IRS Representation

  • Accounting

  • Managing Your Small Business Development

  • Strategic Plans

  • Holistic Financial Perspectives

  • Introduction to QuickBooks

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